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JuveLook Collagen Skinbooster

The latest collagen skinbooster from Korea, JuveLook, will assist you in naturally achieving long-term skin rejuvenation effects.

Effect of Juvelook

By increasing collagen formation in the dermis layer, tiny PDLLA particles uniformly volumize your skin (JUVELOOK is the only PLA filler injected in dermis.)

Delicately improving atrophic (acne) scars and fine wrinkles

thinner skin with a firming and volumizing effect

Whole face injection for improved skin texture and brightness, including the forehead, temples, and teat trough

About Juvelook

With the combination of hyaluronic acid (HA) and poly D-lactic acid (PDLA), JuveLook is an injectable skinbooster that offers both extreme hydration and collagen production.

JuveLook is not like other skinboosters since it has a proprietary collagen-stimulating compound called PDLA complex. Other skin boosters that increase skin moisture only have HA as their primary component.

The ultrafine PDLA molecules in JuveLook interact with your body to activate fibroblast and induce the formation of collagen, while the HA molecules rapidly restore moisture to your skin.

You will get the desired skinbooster radiance in a matter of days. In the upcoming weeks, your skin's collagen density will rise, resulting in a noticeable restoration of its elasticity and smoothness. Natural and progressive skin regeneration that happens gradually as a result.

The benefits of JuveLook are:

Pico Laser procedure is a safe and effective way to remove stubborn pigmentation for flawless looking skin.

Increased hydration

Improved acne scars

Improved fine lines and wrinkles

Improved skin elasticity and texture

Reduced pore size

Long-term skin rejuvenation

Discover your true self with us

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3 sessions of JuveLook over 3 months will gradually restore your skin’s firmness and smoothness, with results lasting up to 1.5 years.


Custom Plan

Juvelook Skin Booster

At Self Aesthetics, we believe in crafting fully customized beauty plans tailored to your individual needs. Experience a personalized approach to beauty with our comprehensive range of treatments, including the innovative Juvelook program.

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