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Botox is a minimally invasive, no downtime treatment and it is a commonly administered treatment for relaxing the muscles on the face for the treatment of dynamic wrinkles in Singapore. Following the Botox treatment, the muscles that produce wrinkles will relax and the wrinkles will reduce in appearance. Botox is applied in face and neck rejuvenation treatments for the easing of wrinkle lines.

Why need Botox

Wrinkles & fine lines are a natural occurrence during the aging process. The lack of collagen coupled with the constant muscle movements (smiling & frowning), the lines will deepen and become more prominent over time.

Recommended Skin Type for Botox

If you are suffering from dehydrated skin, fine lines, aging skin, acne scars & wrinkled skin

What to expect during a Botox treatment

is based on the EFFECTOXTM technology that prevents the muscle mechanism responsible for creation of expression lines and wrinkles.

Able to erase fine lines & wrinkles

Promote jaw slimming

Improve appearance by delaying aging

Can assist in Calf reduction

Discover your true self with us

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Botox areas

Which areas can Botox Treat/ What can Botox do

  1. Forehead lines

  2. Frown lines (Glabellar)

  3. Brow Lift

  4. Crow’s feet

  5. Bunny Lines (Nose Area)

  6. Lip Lines

  7. Smile Lift (Lift corners of mouth)

  8. Dimpled Chin

  9. Jawline

  10. Neck Lines

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