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Ultraformer 3 HIFU

Ultraformer Ⅲ (also known as 슈링크 in Korea), a medical grade non-invasive face lifting, anti-ageing and skin tightening solution. The Ultraformer Ⅲ HIFU treatment has clear benefits for lifting and tightening the face.

Why need Ultraformer 3

A firm, refreshed and well rest face is key to looking young.

If you are looking to lift, tighten and contour your face, our Ultraformer III Skin Tightening and Deep Lifting technology may be the right treatment for you.

The Ultraformer III is a cosmetic, device-based treatment that aims to reduce the visible signs of ageing and restore the skin’s texture, facial definition and elasticity for a more youthful appearance.

No Pain. No Downtime. Long Lasting Results.

Ultraformer III Gen 3 High intensity micro-focused ultrasound (also known as HIFU)

stimulates collagen production under the skin. It is engineered with a precision MMFU (Micro & Macro Focused Ultrasound) handpiece to target several layers of the skin for maximum results.

Female Model

Face Lifting

Micro Focused Ultrasound energy creates a lifting effect on the skin by focusing the ultrasound energy to the target areas to induce collagen and contraction underneath the skin layers.

Makeup Model

Skin Tightening

Long-term skin tightening is something which you can now achieve with the Ultraformer 3. The tissue contractions happen when the optimal temperature 65 - 75 degrees of energy encourage collagen production and faciliate tightening of the structures in the skin to provide more tone.

Natural Beauty

Jawline Contouring

Subcutaneous fat micro-reduction helps to lift and tighten the skin at the cheeks, corners of the mouth, double chin and jawline. The heat safetly destroys the fat cells in the area without affecting the surrounding tissue.

What to expect from HIFU treatment

The most popular treatment indication for HIFU is the face and neck lift. By stimulating one's own collagen production through the layers of the skin, HIFU delivers natural-looking skin lifting and tightening results.

Depending on the setting used, HIFU face lift treatments are able to "melt" facial fats while tightening the area simultaneously. This is very useful for V-shaped face contouring, jowl reduction and treating double chins.

Eyebags can be targeted and treated with HIFU by tightening the orbital retaining ligament as well as reduction of infraorbital fat (fats found under the eye).

HIFU treatments are also able to effectively treat cellulite, skin laxity and stretch marks, perfect for post-pregnancy mums!

Smoothening of wrinkles on forehead and eyes

Lifts the face and improves marionette lines, deep nasolabial folds

Stimulates natural collagen production

Progressive, long lasting results

Rejuvenates the face, tightens saggy skin

No cutting and no needles

Discover your true self with us

Book your no-obligation appointment today and we’ll get in touch shortly.

How Does Ultraformer HIFU Facelift Treatment Work

The restoration/skin rejuvenation process is largely dependent on individual’s cellular turnover rate, but a marked improvement to the skin can usually be observed within a few days of the first treatment, and the best results are observed after 3-4 treatments.


Stage 1

Ultrasound energy is directed into the skin dermis layer, causing controlled inflammation to trigger the regeneration of new connective tissue for wound healing.


Stage 2

As the controlled wounds heal, granular tissue begins to form. This process is also known as natural fibroplasia formation.


Stage 3

As collagen is remodeled, it induces a tight and uniform buildup of connective fibers.


Stage 4

Between 3 weeks to 6 months, the patient will notice lesser wrinkles and a smooth, taut complexion, also known as a HIFU lift.

hifu area

Which areas of the face can be treated with HIFU

  1. Lifted Brow

  2. Defined Cheeks

  3. Lifted Neck Profile

  4. Reduced Forehead Wrinkles

  5. Tightened Skin

  6. Defined Jaw Line

  7. Reduced Neck Wrinkles

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